Assisting Families Since 2009 in Acadiana

No matter what your situation or background is, Daniel Green Real Estate Services can help you buy or sell a home. Please contact us today at 337-332-2333 for further information if you are looking to sell your home or are interested in buying one of our homes.

Are You Selling Your Home?

  • Downsizing
  • Job Transfer or Laid Off
  • Divorce
  • Retirement
  • Health Concerns
  • Foreclosure Avoidance
  • Property Inheritance
  • Tired of Keeping Rental Property Rented
  • Unsaleable Through Traditional Methods
Listed above are just a few reasons why people have sold their homes to us.

Are You Looking to Buy a Home?

  • Great Prices on Great Homes
  • Seeking to Rent-To-Own Opportunities
  • No Credit of Poor Credit History
  • Desiring 100% Seller Financing
  • Low Down Payments, Low Closing Costs
Listed above are a few reasons why people have purchased one of our homes from us.